Big Container Profits

It’s true that inflation has been a bit of a worry in India as of late, but it’s not the only thing that is increasing in the country. Although, big-ticket items have gotten further out of reach, doesn’t mean the development of the country isn’t moving ahead without too much of a hiccup.  You can put that thought to rest with Concor’s, the Indian leading supplier of transportation and logistics solutions, first quarter results.

Indian Train

Concor provides inland transport by rail for containers and it has also expanded to cover the management of Ports, air cargo complexes and establishing a cold-chain. The company posted 1st quarter results last week that were up 20.78% year over year. Here’s why this should grab your attention:

Container Shipping Improves Lives

Business analyst Tony Luckett believes the humble metal container has transformed the transport of goods over long distances. He goes as far as to say that modern containers facilitated globalization, along with cheaper manufacturing in the emerging markets, falling trade barriers and improved communications.

“Since being introduced, containerization has become the main method of shipping goods over the oceans. Load goods into a large, lockable metal box and you’ve got a watertight method of shipping items that is cheaper to handle (no loading and unloading of individually boxes or cartons), safer, and less exposed to ‘shrinkage’  (ie. stock going missing) during transport.”

“Containers offer fully intermodal freight transport, as the standard sizes used means that a container can, for example, be loaded at factory, dropped on the back of a lorry, driven to the port, loaded on a containership and then off-loaded directly on a rail at the other end.” Sea News Turkey.

More Demand. More Containers. More Ships.

India has been emerging as one of the fastest growing countries for years now as they have successfully captured service sector jobs from English-speaking countries. Cheap labor doesn’t last long, yet compared to western standards it’s still well worth the comparative expenditures.

Following well behind the jobs that have been ushered into the country is a boom in the economy that brings with it, supplies from all across the world to the millions of people who are pulling themselves up from the depths of poverty they once endured. Containers are the bearers of these fruits of labor and those involved in the container industry are reaping the benefits.

The end of 2011 and heading into 2012 are huge years for both the building and delivering of massive new containerships. Korean shipyards saw huge bursts of orders in the beginning of the year and the Chinese are following quickly as the year draws closer to the end.

There are billions of pocketbooks in the Asia-Pacific region calling for the delivery of goods that the people in charge of them require. From building supplies, luxury items, clothes, and food, all of these a simple place to store them for transport and delivery. Pacific Tycoon can help align you with these hungry mouths and help you profit by owning the space that this money is calling for.

Image: Life@Net

Sources: ConcorIndia, HellenicShipping, SeaNewsTurkey


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