India Stacking the Trains to Quench Demand

Demand can create some pretty interesting things. That’s not just limited to innovation in computers, mobile phones, and other fashionable accessories. It can also be accomplished in transport. Taking a cue from the English public transport, India is doubling up on its container movement via train.

Double Stack

As we reported last week, India is number 6 (8.43%)on the fastest growing countries list of 2011, right behind Liberia (9.003%).

Although Indian consumer demand for larger ticket items like computers has trailed off the past 2 quarters because of high inflation, it doesn’t stop the train that is running full speed through the country that is developing the cities, towns and villages that are in need of basic goods that containers deliver to them.

This is why APL IndiaLinx, the rail operations arm of APL Logistics, has launched its first double-stack container train service in India.

APL IndiaLinx (IILPL) as a freight rail service is designed to meet the growing demand for rapid and reliable transportation solutions among India’s growing import/export & domestic sectors.

The double-stack plan follows Indian Railways recent decision to allow stack train access along the Mundra-Kishangahr rail corridor as part of a bigger project to provide a freight-dedicated network of railroads with double-stack capability connecting key gateway ports and major North Indian industrial centres before the end of 2016.

APL IndiaLinx plans to expand its stack train service network as more rail corridors are opened to double-stack access.

The Mundra-Kishangahr rail corridor extends to the Mundara port. The Mundra Port and Special Economic Zone, India’s largest multi-port operator, released it fiscal year results on March 31st of this year. To give you and idea of how business is booming in India, take a look at the port manager’s performance. Total income for the year was up 36%. Net profit is up 41%.

Image: EricsAdventures

Source: MundraPort, APLIndiaLinx, WorldCargoNews


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