Investments in Trade From Asia To W. Africa

Before the times when we used large container ships to transport computers, cars, and other precious items we could barely live without today, the main route connecting China with Europe and parts of Northern Africa was the Silk Road. What started with silk, spices and teas has now ballooned into trade of the most technologically advanced machinery and gadgets,along with the staple goods that awoke this route between the continents. Some of these same routes are being used today and the web of commerce that links Asia with the rest of the world is only getting busier.

Silk RoadShipping Co. Adds Increased Capacity

“Asian-West African trade has been one of the fastest-growing markets in the past few years, and it is expected to maintain 15 percent to 20 percent year-on-year growth over the next three years,” said Keith Svendsen, head of Maersk‘s East China cluster.

Maersk is the largest shipping container company in  the world and to keep things that way it only makes sense to put more boats where the action is happening.

“One in three containers in the world serves China. We have seen significant trade flows from China to other emerging markets and Africa is an important part of the story,” Svendsen said.

Zhang Monan, an economist at the Economic Forecast Department of the State Information Center, confirmed this statement when he said, China-Africa trade is likely to continue growing.

If you’ve followed the news as of recent, you are well aware that Asia and Africa are the hotbeds for economic growth and expanding consumer demand. With Africa and Asia both cornering the real estate available on the top ten fastest growing economies today, you know Maersk is making the most of the situation. If they don’t someone else is going to.

Maersk is not re-routing ships

Maersk ordered 22 West Africa Max ships, with a capacity of 4,500 containers from South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries. These ships are said by the company to be the largest container ships that run the route. Six of the ships went into service on May 21 and three more will be getting wet by the end of the year, according to the company. The others are still under construction. All the ships will be dedicated to Asian-West African trade and connecting Chinese and African ports, Svendsen said.

Image: RadioDramaReviews

Source: CargoNewsAsia


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