Asia Investment News

What continent contains the three fast growing economies in the world right now? We’ll give you a clue. It starts and ends with the same letter and there aren’t any cute little koalas or kangaroos living there.

Asia is racing along

Asia is booming.

The three fastest economies in 2010 were Qatar, Singapore, and Turkmenistan. Asia, Asia,Asia.  Since 2008, each year Qatar has ranked somewhere among the top 3. Last year they took the crown with a blistering growth rate of 19.4%.

“Qatar operates with a trade surplus, however much of its revenues earned from exports are reinvested into imports that would help sustain Qatar’s rapidly growing economy. This includes machinery and transport equipment, food, and chemicals.” Business Insider

Not all that goes out disappears back into the war chest of savings. Qatar and the others are playing a balancing act of keep up with the demand that is rising after a hot economy increases the wealth of the country and its citizens.

The developed world, mainly North America, is hurting from a serious gluttonous mass of people who are under qualified and over paid. Companies realize this and labor for the last two decades has steadily moved further and further away from their shores. Asia is the beneficiary.

Pacific Tycoon

We are here to help you wade through the waters of container ownership and improve your investment’s performance.

We’re knee deep in the heart of the Asian shipping economy, moving to get your money performing the way it should. There’s no sitting around in these economies as consumer demand is fueling massive growth.

What better way to participate in this growth than to actually facilitate the transfer of wealth between booming economies? Owning shipping containers and having Pacific Tycoon manage them  gives you direct participation in the growth that these countries are experiencing.

There’s no time to sit idle, when billions of people and dollars are demanding the empty space that your ownership in the container represents.

You could let your investment dollars sit in the bank earning a paltry 1 to 2%, but through the blog and our site we want to educate you about the benefits of container ownership and the direct participation in global growth and investments you can enjoy.

It’s as simple as it sounds. Buy a container through Pacific Tycoon and lease it out. We fill it, ship it, insure, it and take care of it. After our expenses, you take home the rest.

The One Two Punch

There are 2 separate plans you can sign up for.

1. The 12% guaranteed plan

2. The aggressive plan

Our aggressive plan performed 36.7% last year and10.4% in the first quarter of 2011 alone.

Even better, you could distribute your investment of multiple containers to take advantage of a guaranteed plan and a more aggressive one, thus diversifying your investments within a specialized sector even further.

Get off the sidelines and into the Asian boom. You can call the stockbroker that sold you those heavy leveraged mutual funds that tanked your investment portfolio the past couple of years or you can skip the middle man and go straight to the horse’s mouth and feed the Asian monster that is running the global economy.

“If you’re not the lead dog, the view is always the same.”

Where are you Dollars, Pounds, and Euros?


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