In the Customers Shoes- Investing Smart

The golden rule for every businessman is this: “Put yourself in your customer’s place.” – Orison Swett Marden

Happy Customers

Consumers never sleep

The above quote is actually something very difficult to do. A friend of mine used to run a restaurant and he told me that once a week he would walk out into the parking lot and look into the restaurant through the windows. He would then walk in sit down and order a meal just like a regular customer.

Where are your customers sitting?

If you own and lease containers, your customers are the ones that are eagerly awaiting the consumer goods that major corporations are flashing in front of their eyes, every hour, minute, and second of each day on every device they can quickly get their message out.

Materialism is a grizzly beast. Once it gets the taste of envy and greed it will hardly ever (without expensive therapy) let go of its grip. The everyday consumer is looking for little ways to change their life and make it more like the one in the advertisement.

Whiter skin, whiter teeth, the newest smartphone their favorite celebrity or sports star carries: these are all ways that the little guy can transport his life from something normal to something that may or may not be real, but when he sees himself in the mirror or his friends see him carrying that new device, he instantly feels it was a wise investment.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the social photo sector of technology, right now. One of the most popular apps for the iPhone is an app called Instagram which allows user to apply filters to their photos and give them a new perspective on something that in their ordinary life is more than is really is.

Many people are buying Apple and Android smartphones, not only because of the internet connections or communication capabilities, but for the apps that they sport. This craze in new discovery of people, places, and things, is pushing production of these devices higher and higher. And these are only a very small fraction of the things that people desire.

Invest in trade. Invest in the future.

Ever so, the admired darling of many developing countries, America’s consumption rates, their thirst for the next latest toy, and their total disregard for anything that lies too far in front of them is as contagious as the common cold to the rest of the world. Oft seen as and promoted as a cowboy, the American culture calls to people’s thirst to rebel, buy, and throw caution to the wind.

You can almost smell international investment opportunities popping up every time a new Hollywood movie or Lady Gaga song comes out.

If you own and have Pacific Tycoon manage your containers, be it one or one hundred, you are directly participating in this transfer of material goods to the billions that are eagerly awaiting them.

Jump on board.


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