Shipping Containers: Also a Hedge Against Obsolescence

When we say that our containers are guaranteed to last a minimum of twenty years, and will likely last much longer, I know exactly what goes through peoples’ minds. In this day and age, nothing lasts twenty years. Cars wear out in five, household appliances may go as many as ten. Nothing with technology will last more than eighteen months. Even though it will be structurally sound, what if shipping is conducted differently ten years from now? What will become of my obsolete container?

Our answer is that it is impossible. Freight ships,  and entire ports are built to handle shipping containers exactly as they exist today. Ships take years to build, and can last indefinitely. Ports, along with the rail lines and trucking transportation that feeds them are all built to handle your containers, and the investment to change would be unrealistic.

When the current configuration of containers were developed, it replaced nothing. That fact allowed ports and ships to adapt to containers at their own pace. As they found it more profitable to convert to handle containers than not to convert, those ships and ports benefitted immediately. Those conditions can no longer be duplicated, simply because your containers are part of a very strong and efficient system.

So, when we tell you that your containers will continue to bring income twenty years from now. We can safely assure you that they will.


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