An Inflation Hedge Worth Its Weight in Gold

Gold works against inflation. If only it didn't just sit there doing nothing.

With a recovering world economy comes the anticipation of inflation. How do you protect your investment returns from inflation’s erosion of your profits? The safe and popular way is to buy gold. Our suggestion, like our investment is simple and can be even more profitable.

When you purchase shipping containers from us, you profit directly from leases on those containers. As inflation drives shipping prices higher, your returns naturally rise as well. Further, you purchase containers at today’s prices. As container prices rise with inflation, the value of your asset rises as well.

Gold as an inflation hedge is reliable. Its downside is that if no inflation occurs, you may have missed an opportunity. Further, it generates no income until you sell it. That is, assuming you sell at the right time. Shipping containers grow in value as well. However, they also generate income. That income increases as inflation rises. In fact, a container investment’s main contribution comes from that ever increasing income. We think you should consider that as you adjust your investment portfolio for the days ahead.


2 Responses to “An Inflation Hedge Worth Its Weight in Gold”

  1. 1 Marc Shaw
    April 20, 2011 at 8:20 am

    When will your web site (pacifictycoon.com) be back up and operating?

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