Unearned Income Moves You from Savings to Wealth

From savings, to unearned income, to this

The one question most asked of people who become wealthy is “What is your secret?” However, the answer is no secret at all. Obviously, most of us cannot sell what we do for a living for enough money to become truly wealthy. There are only so many hours in a day, and we can only command so much money per hour. Those who earn a salary tend not to fare much better, and often worse.

The secret to wealth is in the income for which you do not toil, also called unearned income.

It begins as savings. We save some money which earns a meager interest rate. Once we accumulate enough, we invest it. Typically, our investments are made through traditional channels. We buy shares of corporations though stocks, or shares of aggregated companies through mutual funds. Perhaps we invest in real estate, or even in the crazy world of derivatives.

All of those systems are set up to benefit those who run the systems most. The value and income from corporate stocks are determined by how much of a company’s earnings the company decides to keep. The rest goes to you, minus what the broker takes for executing the transaction.

Unearned income with Pacific Tycoon is different. You are not at the mercy of a board of directors. Your return is not watered down by an allowance provided you, from which commissions are deducted.

The shipping containers you purchase through us are yours. The income that those containers generate is yours. When you sell the container, the profit is yours.

For sure, you hire us to conduct the purchase, generate the leases with shipping companies, and manage the logistics, but any company would have to pay people to do that anyway. We will agree to those terms before the transaction takes place.

With shipping containers, you own the asset. You own the revenue. You own the wealth created by “unearned income.” And that is the secret to growing true wealth.


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Gain unearned income. Own shipping containers and lease them to us. We contract with companies who need to ship materials.

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